Troubleshooting login or CMS problems

eazyCMS has been designed to be as usable and compatible as possible. It has been tested in all major browsers to ensure that no matter what software you use, you can edit your site with the minimum of fuss. However, certain configurations or software setups can raise issues with the user of the CMS. For the best possible experience, you should take note of the information below.

Browser Compatibility

We recommend the use of newer versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome, in order to have the best eazyCMS experience.


Almost all modern browsers support Javascript. Whilst it is turned on by default, you will always have the option to disable it. A lot of the functionality that eazyCMS provides - such as the page editor - requires Javascript in order to function correctly. As such, you should ensure that it is turned on via your browser's security settings.


After you log in, we need a way to securely keep track of your session - so we know that it really is you who is editing your site. To do this, a cookie is set in your browser, which contains a unique code allowing us to identify you. Because of this, you must ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser's security settings for the / domain name(s).
Note: For security reasons, the cookie is removed from your browser as soon as you log out or close your browser window.

Popup-Blocking Software

Some elements of the eazyCMS system require windows to be opened to display extra information that is not part of the main editing window. This is achieved via a "popup" window, a floating pane that allows additional information to be viewed without navigating away from the page management area. If you have popup-blocking software enabled (e.g. the Google Toolbar), these windows may be prevented from loading and thus some functionality of the site will be lost. The software will have some means to allow (or "trust") popups within a certain domain, and one of these domains should be Once allowed, the popups will load without problem.

Internet Guard Software

Some Virus Checking software packages come complete with programs that constantly monitor internet activity, looking for behaviour which seems odd and not allowing it to occur. As eazyCMS is a complicated system, it is possible that some programs will identify it as a threat and block some of the functions that it tries to invoke. Whenever a program blocks a function within the eazyCMS domain (one known example of which is a "url_directory_traversal" in Norton Internet Security), it is safe to allow it - preferably just for the / domains.

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